Other FAQs

Q) Can part of my group arrive / depart at a different time during our registered dates? 

A) Prairie Wind can work out rates accordingly for those staying for a portion of that time; however, the group must meet the minimum rate for at least 2 nights of the stay. 

Q) "Are there stairs to navigate?"
A) Yes. There are stairs to the lower level of the home, which is where the retreat space is located. However, once you have unloaded into the lower level, you would not have to ascend the stairs until the end of your stay, since the bedrooms, kitchen, and living spaces are located on the same level.

If we can coordinate your arrival with our schedule, we- the hosts- are happy to help you carry your totes, supplies, and belongings into the retreat center.

Q) "Are you (the owners/hosts) around all the time?"
A) Prairie Wind Retreat is on the lower level and the hosts live in a different area of the home. We will greet you, assist you in getting settled, demonstrate tools and equipment, and then we will leave you to enjoy your weekend together. You may seek our assistance at any time. Since the retreat center is on the lower level, our interactions are minimal. Since there is an exterior stairway from the lower level to the exterior you may come and go without our notice.

Q) "Do we need to bring our own towels or paper plates, etc.?"
A) Towels and linens are provided. The kitchen is supplied with utensils, cooking equipment, and service for 10, as well as basic mixing/serving dishes. Paper towels, kleenex, TP, trash liners, garbage bags, and paper plates are provided.

Q) What if our group has less than 5 people?
A) The minimum rate is then divided between the total number of guests attending, thereby increasing the individual rate. If someone in your group backed out at the end- you can ask them to pay their rate- or divide their rate among those that are attending.

Q) Can part of the group come on Thursday and part come on Friday?
A) Yes- Each person will pay the fee for the length of the time stay. For example, if 2 individuals came on Thursday and the rest of the group came on Friday, the early (Thursday) arrivals will each pay $120 and the Friday arrivals will each pay $90 (plus tx.). The minimum rate (rate of 5 guests) must be paid, which is calculated for a 2 night stay, and any early or late arrivals will pay accordingly.

Q) Address & phone number?
A) Prairie Wind, Steve & Becky Krause, 23721 380th Ave., Winnebago, MN 56098, 507-525-4005 (c)




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